2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

the front door whenever you are opening
or closing a falcon wing door.
Note: If Model X is locked, pulling the switch
(illustrated above) thefirst  time unlocks the
associated door. Pulling it a second time
opens it.
Warning: When opening or closing a
falcon wing door, it is important to
proactively monitor the movement of the
door to ensure that it does not come into
contact with a person or object. Failure to
do so can cause serious damage or injury
To close a falcon wing door, press the button
located on the inside of the door. You can also
use the key (see Using the Key on page 4,
push the switch on the door pillar (illustrated
above), or touch Control > Doors > Close on
the touchscreen:
A falcon wing door stops moving when one of
its many sensors detects an object, or when
the door senses resistance because it has
made contact with an object. In these cases,
provided it is appropriate to continue opening
or closing the falcon wing door, you can
override obstacle detection by doing any of
the following:
Hold down the top button on the key
while double-clicking the key's falcon
wing door button (see Using the Key on
page 4).
Pull (or push) and hold the switch located
on the door pillar.
Open or close the door using the
Note: Falcon wing doors open only when
Model X is stationary.
Note: To prevent children from opening falcon
wing doors using the interior switch, turn on
child-protection locks using the touchscreen
(Controls > Settings > Vehicle > Child
Protection Lock). See Child-protection Lock
on page 9.
Caution: Remove accumulation of snow
or ice before opening a falcon wing door.
Snow can get inside Model X and ice can
prevent the door from opening.
Caution: In rainy weather, leaving a falcon
wing open while opening the liftgate can
result in rain water falling from the liftgate
into the rear seating area.
Warning: Whenever a front door is
partially open (approximately 20°) as you
are opening or closing the associated
falcon wing door, you MUST keep your
hands (or any object) away from the
opening edge of the front door. When a
falcon wing door passes by a partially
opened front door, the distance between
the two doors is very narrow. Objects,
such as hands orfingers,  placed in this
area, are not detected by sensors and can
therefore become pinched between the
doors. To avoid bodily injury, it is a good
practice to keep your hands away from
Interior Locking and Unlocking
From inside Model X, you can use the
touchscreen to lock or unlock doors and
trunks, provided a valid key is inside the
vehicle. Touch Controls > Lock/Unlock. You
can also shift into the Park gear, then touch
the Park button on the end of the gear
selector a second time (see Shifting Gears on
page 42).
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