2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

High Beam Headlights
the headlights are always adjusted as
appropriate for the weather conditions
and driving circumstances.
Push the left-hand steering column lever away
from you. To cancel, pull the lever toward you.
Headlights After Exit
When you stop driving and park Model X in
low lighting conditions, the exterior lights
automatically turn on. They automatically turn
off after one minute or when you lock
Model X.
You can turn this feature on andoff  using the
touchscreen. Touch Controls > Settings >
Vehicle > Headlights After Exit. When
Headlights After Exit is set toOff,  the
headlights turnoff  when you engage the Park
If Model X is equipped with Driver Assistance
components (see About Driver Assistance on
page 72), and you have purchased the
optional Autopilot Tech Package, the high
beam headlights can automatically switch to
low beam when there is light detected in front
of Model X (for example, from an oncoming
vehicle or street lights). To turn this feature on,
touch Controls > Auto High Beam.
Adaptive Front Lighting System
The Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS)
automatically adjusts the beam of the
headlights to improve your driving view.
Electric sensors measure driving speed,
steering angle and yaw (the rotation of the car
around the vertical axis) to determine the
optimum position of the headlights based on
current driving conditions. For example, to
improve visibility while driving on winding
roads at night, the AFS casts the beam in the
direction of the curve. When low beam
headlights are turned on and when driving at
lower speeds, AFS improves lateral
Note: Your chosen setting is retained until you
manually change it. It can also be saved in
your driverprofile.
In situations where high beams are turnedoff
because Auto High Beam is turned on and
light is detected in front of Model X, you can
temporarily turn on high beams by pulling the
lever all the way toward you.
The following indicator lights are visible on the
instrument panel when high beams are turned
illumination to increase the visibility of
pedestrians and curbs, and to improve
visibility when turning at a dark intersection,
into a driveway, or when making a u-turn.
High beams are turned on and the
Auto High Beam setting is turned
The Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS)
operates whenever headlights are on. If Model
X isn't moving, or is moving in reverse, the
adaptive headlights do not activate. This
prevents the lights from inadvertently blinding
other drivers.
High beams are currently turned on,
and Auto High Beam is ready to turn
off the high beams if light is
detected in front of Model X.
High beams are temporarily turned
off because Auto High Beam is on
and is detecting light in front of
Model X. When light is no longer
detected, the high beams will
automatically turn back on.
If the AFS fails, the instrument panel displays
an alert. Contact Tesla Service.
Turn Signals
Move the left-hand steering column lever up
(before turning right) or down (before turning
Toflash  the headlight high beams, pull the
lever fully toward you and release.
Warning: Auto High Beam is an aid only
and is subject to limitations. It is the
driver's responsibility to make sure that
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