2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Starting and PoweringOff
Always keep the key with you. After driving,
you need it to restart Model X after it powers
off. And when you leave Model X, you must
bring it with you to lock Model X, either
manually or automatically (see Walk-away
Locking on page 9).
When you open a door, Model X powers on
the instrument panel and touchscreen. The
center circle on the instrument panel displays
the status of doors and the charge level, and
you can operate all controls.
To drive:
PRESS THE BRAKE - the center circle on
the instrument panel changes to display
the speedometer, power meter, charge
level, and selected gear (P, R, N, or D).
SELECT A GEAR - all the way down for
Drive and all the way up for Reverse.
When youfinish  driving, shift into Park by
pressing the button on the end of the gear
selector. The parking brake automatically
engages and all systems keep operating.
When you leave Model X with the key, it
powersoff  automatically, turningoff   the
touchscreen and instrument panel.
Everything you need to know when driving
Model X displays on the instrument panel.
Model X also powersoff  automatically after
being in Park for 15 minutes, even if you are
sitting in the driver’s seat.
Key Not Inside
If Model X does not detect a key when you
press the brake, the instrument panel displays
a message telling you that a key was not
Although usually not needed, you can power
off Model X while you are still sitting in the
driver’s seat. Touch Controls > E-Brake &
PowerOff  > PowerOff.  Model X automatically
powers back on again if you press the brake or
touch anywhere on the touchscreen.
Place the key in the center console cup holder
where Model X can best detect it.
Note: Model X automatically shifts into Park
whenever you leave the vehicle, even if you
shift into Neutral before exiting. To keep
Model X in Neutral, see Keeping Your Vehicle
in Neutral (Tow Mode) on page 42.
If Model X still does not detect the key, try
holding it against the center console,
immediately below the 12V power socket (see
Power Socket on page 114). Or try using
another key. If another key does not work,
contact Tesla.
A number of factors canaffect   whether
Model X can detect the key. These include a
low battery in the key, interference from other
devices using radio signals, and objects
between the key and receiver.
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