2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Immobilizer system
(if equipped)
If  the  system  repeatedly  does  not
recognize the coding  of the key, it  is
recommended that  you contact your
HYUNDAI dealer.
Do not attempt to alter this system or
add  other   devices  to  it.   Electrical
problems could result that may make
your vehicle inoperable.
The transponder in your  key is an
important part  of  the immobilizer
system.   It  is   designed   to  give
years of trouble-free service, how-
ever you should avoid exposure to
moisture,   static   electricity   and
rough  handling. Immobilizer  sys-
tem malfunction could occur.
The immobilizer system protects your
vehicle  from  theft.  If  an  improperly
coded key  (or other device)  is used,
the engine’s fuel system is disabled.
When the ignition switch is  placed in
the ON position, the immobilizer sys-
tem indicator should come on briefly,
then go  off. If  the indicator starts  to
blink, the system does not recognize
the coding of the key.
Place   the   ignition   switch   to   the
LOCK/OFF  position, then  place the
ignition  switch  to   the  ON  position
The system  may not recognize  your
key’s  coding  if  another  immobilizer
key  or  other metal  object  (i.e.,  key
chain)  is  near the  key.  The  engine
may not start because the metal may
interrupt the transponder signal from
transmitting normally.
In order to prevent  theft of your
vehicle, do not leave spare keys
anywhere  in your  vehicle. Your
immobilizer password  is a cus-
tomer   unique   password   and
should be kept confidential.
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