2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Multimedia System
Using a cellular phone or a two-
way radio
When a cellular  phone is used inside
the  vehicle, noise  may  be produced
from the audio  system. This does not
mean that something is wrong with the
audio equipment. In such a case, use
the cellular phone at a place as far as
possible from the audio equipment.
When   using   a    communication
system  such as  a  cellular phone
or a radio set  inside the vehicle, a
separate external antenna must be
fitted. When a  cellular phone or  a
radio set  is used  with an  internal
antenna   alone,  it   may  interfere
with  the  vehicle's  electrical  sys-
tem   and   adversely   affect   safe
operation of the vehicle.
Do  not   use  a   cellular  phone
while  driving.   Stop  at   a  safe
location to use a cellular phone.
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