2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Convenient features of your vehicle
Clothes hanger (if equipped)
Do not hold the lighter in after
it is already heated because it
will overheat.
If the lighter does not pop  out
within  30 seconds,  remove it
to prevent overheating.
Do  not insert  foreign objects
into the socket of the cigarette
lighter. It may damage the cig-
arette lighter.
Do  not  adjust  the  clock  while
driving.You may lose your steer-
ing  control   and  cause  severe
personal injury or accidents.
For  more  details, please  refer  to
the manual that was supplied with
your vehicle.
To hang items, pull the hanger down.
These hangers  are  not designed  to
hold large or heavy items.
Only  a  genuine  HYUNDAI lighter
should  be  used  in  the  cigarette
lighter socket. The  use  of plug-in
accessories  (shavers,   hand-held
vacuums,  and  coffee   pots,  etc.)
may damage  the socket  or cause
electrical failure.
Do   not   hang    other   objects
except clothes. In an accident it
may  cause  vehicle  damage  or
personal injury.
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