2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Auto defogging system
(only for automatic climate
control system, if equipped)
When the Auto Defogging     When  the Auto Defogging System is
System operates, the indi-     canceled, ADS OFF symbol will blink
3 times and the ADS OFF will be dis-
played  on the  climate  control  infor-
mation screen.
cator will illuminate.
When the Auto Defogging  System is
reset, ADS  OFF symbol  will  blink 6
times without a signal.
If higher level of moisture are sensed
in  the  vehicle,  the  Auto  Defogging
System will  operate  in the  following
i   Information
Step 1 :  Outside air position
Step 2 : Operating the air conditioning     •  When the air   conditioning is turned
on by Auto defogging system, if you
try to turn off the air conditioning, the
indicator will blink 3 times and the air
Step 4 : Increasing  air   flow  toward
conditioning will not be turned off.
Step 3 : Blowing air toward the wind-
the windshield
Auto defogging reduces the possibil-
ity  of  fogging  up  the  inside  of  the
windshield by  automatically sensing
the moisture of inside the windshield.
The auto defogging system operates
when the heater or air conditioning is
•  For efficiency, do not select recircu-
If the air conditioning is off or recircu-
lated air position is manually selected
while Auto  Defogging System is  ON,
the Auto Defogging  System Indicator
will  blink  3 times  to  signal  that  the
manual operation has been canceled.
lated air  position while Auto defog-
ging system is operating.
Do  not remove  the  sensor  cover
located  on  the upper  end  of  the
driver side windshield glass.
Damage  to   system   parts  could
occur and may  not be covered by
your vehicle warranty.
To cancel or reset the Auto Defogging
Press the  front windshield  defroster
button for  3 seconds  when the  igni-
tion switch is in the ON position.
i   Information
The  auto  defogging  system  may  not
operate  normally,  when   the  outside
temperature is below -10 °C.
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