2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Multimedia System
Changing   connection   sequence        Delete
Select [Phone  List]  Select  mobile
This is used to change the order (pri-     phone  Select [Delete]
ority) of automatic connection for the     ➀  Select the desired mobile phone.
paired mobile phones.
Delete the selected mobile phone.
Deletion completion is displayed.
Select    [Phone     List]        Select
[Priority]     Select   No.  1   Priority
Disconnecting a connected phone
Select [Phone  List]  Select  mobile     mobile phone
phone  Select [Disconnect Phone]
Select [Priority].
Select   the  currently   connected      From   the  paired  phones,  select
mobile phone.
the phone desired for No.1 priority.
Disconnect  the   selected   mobile     The changed  priority sequence is
When attempting to delete a current-
ly  connected  phone,  the  phone   is
first disconnected.
Disconnection  completion  is  dis-     Once the  connection sequence (pri-
•  When you delete a mobile phone,
the mobile phone phone book will
also be erased.
ority) is  changed, the new  no. 1 pri-
ority mobile phone will be connected.
When  the  no.  1  priority  cannot  be
connected  :  Automatically  attempts
to  connect  the  most  recently  con-
nected phone.
For  stable  Bluetooth®  Wireless
Technology       communication,
delete  the   mobile  phone  from
the  audio   and  also  delete   the
audio from your mobile phone.
Cases when  the most  recently con-
nected phone cannot be connected :
Attempts  to connect  in the  order  in
which paired phones are listed.
The connected  phone will  automati-
cally be changed to No. 1 priority.
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