2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

i   Information
Some  iPod®   devices,  such   as  the      •  When   connecting  iPod®   with  the
Using the Bluetooth® Wireless
Technology Cellular Phone
(if equipped)
iPhone®,  can  be  connected  through
the  Bluetooth®  Wireless  Technology
interface. The device must have audio
Bluetooth® Wireless Technology capa-
bility  (such  as  for stereo  headphone
Bluetooth® Wireless Technology ). The
device can play, but it will not be con-
trolled by the audio system.
iPod® Power  Cable, insert the con-
nector   to  the   multimedia   socket
completely. If not inserted complete-
ly,  communications  between  iPod®
Bluetooth ®   Wireless     Technology
Handsfree refers to a device which
allows   the   user   to   conveniently
make  phone  calls  with  Bluetooth®
Wireless Technology mobile phones
through the audio system.
and audio may be interrupted.
When adjusting the sound effects of
the iPod® and the audio system, the
sound  effects  of  both   devices  will
overlap and might reduce or distort
the quality of the sound.
To  use   iPod®  features  within   the
audio, use the cable provided upon
purchasing an iPod® device.
Bluetooth ®   Wireless     Technology
allows devices to be connected in a
short distance, including hands-free
devices,   stereo   headsets,   wireless
remote  controllers,   etc.  For  more
information,   visit   the  Bluetooth ®
Wireless    Technology   website    at
www.Bluetooth.com.   Before  using
Bluetooth ®   Wireless     Technology
audio features.
Deactivate  (turn  off)  the  equalizer
function of an iPod® when adjusting
Skipping   or   improper   operation
may occur depending on the charac-
teristics    of   your    iPod®/iPhone ®
the audio system’s volume, and turn
off the equalizer of the audio system
when   using   the   equalizer   of   an
If your iPhone® is connected to both
the Bluetooth®   Wireless Technology
•  When not using iPod® with car audio,
detach the iPod® cable from iPod®.
and  USB,   the  sound  may  not   be
properly  played.  In  your  iPhone®,
select    the    Dock     connector
Bluetooth®  Wireless  Technology  to
change the sound output (source).
Otherwise,   iPod®  may   remain  in
accessory  mode,  and  may  not  work
Beside support 1M cable when pur-
chasing   iPod®/iPhone  ®   products,
Long Cable cannot be recognized.
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