2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

When cleaning  lower door panels,     Keep  paint and  trim in good  con-     Don't neglect the interior
panels  and  frame  mem-
Moisture can  collect under  the floor
bers, be  sure that  drain holes  are
kept  open  so   that  moisture  can
escape and  not be  trapped inside
to accelerate corrosion.
Scratches   or   chips   in  the   finish      mats and  carpeting to  cause  corro-
should  be  covered  with  "touch-up"     sion. Check  under the  mats periodi-
paint as  soon as possible  to reduce     cally to  be sure the  carpeting is dry.
the  possibility  of  corrosion.  If  bare     Use particular care if you carry  fertil-
metal is  showing through, the atten-      izers,  cleaning  materials  or  chemi-
tion  of  a  qualified  body  and   paint     cals in the car.
Keep your garage dry
Don't park your car  in a damp, poor-
ly  ventilated garage. This  creates  a
favorable environment  for corrosion.     Bird  droppings  : Bird  droppings are
This is  particularly  true if  you  wash     highly  corrosive  and  may  damage
your car in the garage  or drive it into     painted surfaces in  just a few hours.
the garage when it is still wet or  cov-     Always  remove   bird  droppings  as
ered with  snow, ice  or mud. Even  a     soon as possible.
heated garage can contribute to cor-
shop is recommended.
These   should  be   carried   only  in
proper  containers and  any  spills or
leaks should be  cleaned up, flushed
with   clean   water  and   thoroughly
rosion unless  it is  well ventilated  so
moisture is dispersed.
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