2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Convenient features of your vehicle
Low Tire Pressure
Warning Light
(if equipped)
This warning light remains ON
after blinking for approximately 60
seconds, or repeatedly blinks ON
and OFF in 3 second intervals:
Fuel Filter Warning
Light (for diesel engine)
When  there is  a  malfunction with
the TPMS.
In  this case,  we  recommend  that
you have  the vehicle inspected  by
an authorized HYUNDAI dealer  as
soon as possible.
This warning light illuminates:
This warning light illuminates:
•  When   water    has   accumulated
inside the fuel filter.
In this case, remove the water from
the fuel filter.
Once you turn the ignition switch or
Engine Start/Stop button to the ON
It illuminates  for approximately  3
seconds and then goes off.
For  more  details,   refer  to  “Fuel
Filter” in chapter 7.
When one or more of your tires are     For more details, refer to
significantly    underinflated    (The      “Tire Pressure Monitoring System
location of  the underinflated tire  is     (TPMS)” in chapter 6.
displayed on  the supervision  clus-
ter LCD display).
When  the   Fuel  Filter   Warning
Light  illuminates, engine  power
(vehicle speed & idle speed) may
If you keep driving with the warn-
ing light  on, engine parts (injec-
tor, common  rail, high  pressure
fuel  pump) may  be damaged.  If
this occurs, we  recommend that
you  have the  vehicle  inspected
by an authorized HYUNDAI  deal-
er as soon as possible.
For more details, refer to
“Tire Pressure Monitoring System
(TPMS)” in chapter 6.
Safe Stopping
The TPMS cannot  alert you  to
severe and sudden tire damage
caused by external factors.
If you notice any vehicle  insta-
bility,  immediately   take  your
foot  off the  accelerator pedal,
apply the brakes gradually with
light force, and slowly move to
a safe position off the road.
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