2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Changing Files
Scan (Without RDS)
Press the  [SEEK TRACK] button  to
move to the previous or next file.
Press the [SCAN]  button to play the
first 10 seconds of each file.
Pressing the [SEEK TRACK ]   but-
tonafter the file  has been playing for
Press  the  [SCAN]  button  again  to
turn off.
seconds  will start  the  current file
from the beginning.
Pressing the [SEEK TRACK ]   but-
ton before  the file  has been  playing     Selecting from the List
for  1 second  will  start  the previous
Turn  the   TUNE   knob  left/right   to
search for the desired file.
Once you find  the desired file, press
the TUNE knob to start  playing.
Rewinding / Fast-forwarding Files
Searching Folders
While  playing,  press  and  hold  the      Press the [FOLDER] button to select
[SEEK TRACK]  button to  rewind or     and search folders.
fast-forward the current file.
Once the desired folder is displayed,
press the TUNE knob to select.
The first file  within the selected fold-
er will begin playing.
Scan (With RDS)
Press and  hold the  [TA/SCAN] but-
tonto play the file 10 seconds of each
Press and  hold the  [TA/SCAN] but-
ton again to turn off.
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