2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Electric Chromic Mirror (ECM)
(if equipped)
Outside rearview mirror
The electric rearview mirror automati-
cally controls the glare from the head-
lamp of  the car  behind you  in night-
time or low light driving conditions.
When  the   engine  is   running,   the
glare  is  automatically  controlled by
the sensor  mounted in  the rearview
mirror. The  sensor  detects the  light
level  around the  vehicle,  and  auto-
matically adjusts to control the head-
lamp glare from vehicles behind you.     To operate  the electric rearview
Whenever the shift lever  is placed in
R (Reverse), the mirror will  automat-     • Press   the  ON/OFF  button  (1)  to
ically  go  to  the brightest  setting  in
order  to   improve  the  drivers  view
behind the vehicle.
Be   sure  to   adjust   mirror   angles
before driving.
Your  vehicle  is  equipped with  both
left-hand   and   right-hand    outside
rearview mirrors.
The mirror can be adjusted  remotely
with the remote switch.
The  mirror heads  can  be  folded to
prevent damage during an automatic
car wash or when passing  through a
narrow street.
turn  the automatic  dimming  func-
tion  off. The  mirror  indicator  light
will turn off.
Press  the  ON/OFF  button  (1)  to
turn  the automatic  dimming  func-
tion  on. The  mirror  indicator  light
will illuminate.
The mirror defaults  to the ON posi-
tion whenever the  ignition switch or
the  Engine  Start/Stop button  is  in
the ON position.
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