2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Driving your vehicle
R (Reverse)
D (Drive)
Use this position  to drive the vehicle     This  is  the  normal driving  position.
The  transmission  will  automatically
shift through a 7-gear sequence, pro-
viding  the  best  fuel   economy  and
For extra power when passing anoth-
er  vehicle or  driving uphill,  depress
the  accelerator  fully.  The  transmis-
sion  will  automatically  downshift  to
the  next  lower  gear   (or  gears,  as
Always  come to  a complete  stop
before  shifting  into  or  out   of  R
(Reverse);  you  may  damage  the
transmission  if  you  shift   into  R
(Reverse)  while  the  vehicle is  in
+ (UP)
- (DOWN)
The DRIVE MODE switch, located on     Manual shift mode
Whether the  vehicle is  stationary or
The wheels and transmission are not     er to  switch from NORMAL  mode to     in   motion,   manual   shift  mode   is
N (Neutral)
the shift lever console, allows the driv-
ECO or SPORT mode. (if equipped)
selected  by  pushing  the  shift lever
from  the D  (Drive) position  into  the
Use N (Neutral) if you need to restart
a stalled engine,  or if it is necessary
to stop with the engine ON. Shift into
P  (Park) if  you  need  to  leave your
vehicle for any reason.
For   more  information,    refer   to     manual gate. To  return  to D  (Drive)
"Drive   Mode  Integrated   Control     range operation,  push the shift  lever
System" later in this chapter.
back into the main gate.
In manual shift mode, moving the shift
lever  backwards   and  forwards   will
allow you to make gearshifts rapidly.
Always   depress   the  brake   pedal
when   you    are   shifting    from    N
(Neutral) to another gear.
Up (+)   : Push   the    lever   forward
once to shift up one gear.
Down (-) : Pull  the  lever  backwards
once  to   shift  down   one
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