2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Installing a Child Restraint
System (CRS)
After selecting a proper Child Restraint
System  and checking  that  the  Child
Restraint System  fits properly  in the
rear of this  vehicle, you are  ready to
install  the   Child  Restraint   System
according    to   the   manufacturer’s
instruction. There  are  three general
steps in installing  the Child Restraint
Systems properly:
When  installing  a  Child Restraint
System, adjust the vehicle seat (up
and  down, forward  and  rearward)
so that  your child  fits  in the  Child
Restraint System  in a comfortable
•  Secure  the   child  in  the   Child
Restraint System.  Make sure the
child  is  properly  strapped  in   the
Child  Restraint System  according
to the Child Restraint System man-
ufacturer’s instructions.
Before   installing    your   Child
Restraint System always:
Read and follow the instructions
provided by the manufacturer of
the Child Restraint System.
Failure  to   follow  all   warnings
and instructions could  increase
the risk of the SERIOUS INJURY
or DEATH if an accident occurs.
Restraint System to  the vehicle.
All Child Restraint System must be
secured to the  vehicle with the lap
belt  or lap  part  of  a  lap/shoulder
belt or  with  the ISOFIX  top-tether
and/or ISOFIX anchorage.
A  Child  Restraint System  in  a
closed vehicle can become very
hot.To prevent burns, check the
seating   surface   and   buckles
before placing your  child in the
Child Restraint System.
Make  sure  the   Child  Restraint
System  is  firmly  secured. After
installing a Child  Restraint System
to  the  vehicle, push  and  pull  the
seat forward and  from side-to-side
to verify that it is securely attached
to   the  seat.   A   Child   Restraint
System  secured  with  a  seat  belt
should  be  installed   as  firmly  as
possible.  However,  some  side-to-
side movement can be expected.
If the vehicle  headrest prevents
proper  installation   of  a   Child
Restraint  System, the  headrest
of  the respective  seating  posi-
tion   shall    be   readjusted    or
entirely removed.
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