2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Driving your vehicle
Trailer brakes
Driving with a trailer
If your trailer is equipped with a brak-
ing  system, make  sure  it  conforms
your country's regulations and  that it
is  properly  installed  and   operating
If your  trailer  weighs more  than the     braking with  the added weight of the
maximum trailer  weight without trail-     trailer. And always  keep in mind that
er  brakes loaded,  then  it  needs its      the  vehicle you  are  driving  is  now
own brakes  and  they must  be ade-      longer and not nearly  as responsive
quate. Be sure to read and follow the     as your vehicle is by itself.
instructions for  the  trailer brakes  so
you'll  be  able to  install,  adjust  and
maintain  them properly.  Do  not tap
into   your  vehicle's   brake  system.
Trailer brakes must be applied  sepa-
rately from  your vehicle's brake sys-
Stay at least  twice as far  behind the
vehicle  ahead  as  you  would  when
driving your  vehicle without a  trailer.
This  can  help  you  avoid  situations
that require  heavy braking and  sud-
den turns.
Towing  a  trailer  requires  a  certain
amount of experience. Before setting
out for  the open road,  you must  get
to  know your  trailer. Acquaint  your-
self  with  the  feel   of  handling  and
You will need more passing distance
up ahead when you're  towing a trail-
er.  And,  because  of  the  increased
vehicle   length,  you'll   need   to  go
much   farther  beyond   the   passed
vehicle before you can return to your
Before  you  start,   check  the  trailer
hitch  and   platform,  safety   chains,
electrical  connector(s),   lights,  tires
and brakes.
During your  trip, occasionally  check
to  be sure  that  the  load is  secure,
and that the  lights and trailer brakes
are still working.
Backing up
Hold   the  bottom   of   the   steering
wheel with one  hand. Then, to move
the trailer to the left, move your hand
to the  left. To move the  trailer to the
right,  move  your hand  to  the  right.
Always back up  slowly and, if possi-
ble, have someone guide you.
Do not use a trailer with its own
brakes unless you are absolute-
ly certain that  you have proper-
ly set up the brake system. This
is not  a task  for amateurs. Use
an experienced, competent trail-
er shop for this work.
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