2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Do  not  clean  the  inside  of  the     •  To  prevent damage  to  the  rear
rear window glass with a cleaner        glass  antenna, never  use sharp
or use  a  scraper to  remove for-        instruments  or  window  cleaner
eign deposits as  this may cause        containing   abrasives   to  clean
damage to the antenna elements.        the  window.   Clean  the   inside
surface of the rear glass window
with a piece of soft cloth.
Avoid  adding  metallic  coatings
such as Ni, Cd, and so on.These
can  degrade  the  receiving  AM     •  When  putting  a  sticker  on  the
and FM broadcast signals.
inside  surface  of  the rear  win-
dow, be careful not to damage to
the rear glass antenna.
•  Do  not put    sharp  instruments
nearby the rear glass antenna.
Shark fin antenna (1, if equipped)
The shark fin antenna will receive the
transmit data.
Tinted rear window may affect the
proper functioning of the antenna.
(for example : GPS)
Glass antenna (2)
Your vehicle uses a glass antenna to
receive both AM and FM signals.
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