2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Do  not   let   your  parking   brake     Do  not let  ice and  snow accumu-     Do  not place objects  or materials
late underneath                                     in the engine compartment
Under some conditions  your parking     Under  some  conditions,  snow  and     Putting  objects   or  materials  in  the
brake  can   freeze  in   the  engaged     ice  can  build up  under  the fenders      engine compartment  may cause  an
position.This is most likely to happen     and interfere with the steering. When
when  there  is  an   accumulation  of     driving in such  conditions during the     because those may block  the engine
snow or  ice around or  near the rear     severe   winter,   you   should  check      cooling.  Such  damage  will  not   be
brakes or if the brakes are wet.When     underneath the  vehicle on  a regular     covered  by the  manufacturer's  war-
there  is  the  risk  that  your  parking     basis,   so   that   moving    the   front
brake may  freeze, temporarily  apply     wheels and the steering components
it with the shift lever in P (Park). Also,    is unblocked.
block the rear wheels in advance, so
the   vehicle   may   not   roll.   Then,
Carry emergency equipment
release the parking brake.
In  accordance  with  weather  condi-
tions,  you  should carry  appropriate
emergency equipment, while driving.
Some of  the items you  may want to
carry include  tire chains,  tow straps
or   chains,   flashlight,    emergency
flares,  sand, shovel,  jumper cables,
window   scraper,    gloves,   ground
cloth, coveralls, blanket, etc.
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