2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Multimedia System
i   Information
When the EQ features of an external
device,  such  as  the  iPod®,  and  the
•  iPod® mode cannot be operated when
the iPod®  cannot be recognized due
to the playing of versions that do not
support  communication   protocols,
cases  of   iPod®  abnormalities   and
Using the Bluetooth® Wireless
Technology Audio Mode
audio  system   are  both   active,  EQ
effects could overlap and cause sound
Whenever possible, turn off the EQ
feature  within   the  external   device
upon  use   by  connecting   with  the
audio system.
Bluetooth ®   Wireless     Technology
Audio Mode can be used only when
a  Bluetooth®   Wireless  Technology
phone has been connected.
For  fifth   generation   iPod®   Nano
devices, the iPod® may not be recog-
nized  when  the  battery  level  is  low.
Please charge the iPod® for use.
Bluetooth ®   Wireless     Technology
Audio  Mode  will  not  be  available
when connecting mobile phones that
do not support this feature.
Noise  may  occur when  an  iPod® or
AUX device is connected. When such
devices are not being used, disconnect
the device for storage.
Search/play orders shown within the
iPod®  device   may  differ   with  the
orders  shown  within  the  audio  sys-
Bluetooth ®
Technology Audio is playing, if the
Bluetooth ®   Wireless     Technology
phone is connected, then the music
will also stop.
When   the  iPod®   or  AUX   device
power is connected to the power jack,
playing   the   external   device  may
result in noise. In such cases, discon-
nect the power connection before use.
If the iPod®  malfunctions due to an
iPod®  device  defect,  reset  the  iPod®
and try again. (To learn more, refer to
your iPod® manual)
Moving  the  Track   up/down  while
Bluetooth ®
Technology audio mode may result
in   pop    noises    in   some    mobile
Skipping or improper operation may
occur depending on the characteris-
tics of your iPod®/iPhone® device.
Some iPod®s may not sync with the
System  depending  on  its  version.  If
the  Media   is  removed   before  the
Media is recognized, then the system
may  not  properly  restore  the  previ-
ously operated mode. (iPad charging
is not supported.)
Bluetooth ®   Wireless     Technology
streaming  audio  may  not   be  sup-
ported in some mobile phones.
If  your iPhone  is  connected  to  both
the  Bluetooth®  Wireless  Technology
and USB, the sound may not be prop-
erly  played.  In  your iPhone®,  select
the  Dock   connector  or  Bluetooth®
Wireless  Technology  to  change   the
sound output (source).
Beside support 1M cable when pur-
chasing    iPod®/iPhone®
Long Cable cannot be recognized.
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