2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Driving your vehicle
Trailer weight
Tongue load
Take the following precautions:
Never load a  trailer with more
weight in  the rear  than in the
front.  The   front   should   be
loaded    with   approximately
of  the  total trailer  load;
the rear should be loaded with
approximately 40% of the total
trailer load.
Tongue Load
Total Trailer Weight
Gross Axle Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Never  exceed   the  maximum
weight  limits  of the  trailer  or
Improper loading can result  in
damage to your vehicle and/or
personal injury. Check weights
and  loading  at  a  commercial
scale or  highway patrol  office
equipped with scales.
What is the maximum safe  weight of     The  tongue   load  is   an   important
a trailer? It should never weigh more      weight to measure because it affects
than the maximum trailer weight with     the    total   Gross    Vehicle   Weight
trailer brakes.  But even  that can  be     (GVW)  of  your   vehicle. The  trailer
too  heavy. It  depends  on  how  you     tongue  should weigh a  maximum of
plan to use your trailer. For example,     10% of the total loaded trailer weight,
speed, altitude, road grades, outside     within the limits of the maximum trail-
temperature   and   how  often   your     er  tongue load permissible.
vehicle is used to pull a trailer  are all
important.The ideal trailer weight can
also  depend  on  any special  equip-
ment that you have on your vehicle.
After   you've   loaded   your   trailer,
weigh the trailer and then the tongue,
separately, to  see if the  weights are
proper.  If  they  aren’t,  you  may  be
able to  correct them simply by  mov-
ing some items around in the trailer.
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