2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Safety system of your vehicle
Side air bags (if equipped)
The  side  air  bags  are  designed   to
deploy only during certain side impact
collisions,  depending   on  the  crash
severity,  angle,  speed   and  point  of
The side air bags are not designed to
deploy in all side impact situations.
Do   not  use   any  accessory
seat covers.This could reduce
or  prevent  the   effectiveness
of the system.
Do not place any objects over
the air bag  or between the air
bag and yourself.
Do   not   place   any   objects
between   the   door   and   the
seat. They  may  become dan-
gerous  projectiles if  the  side
air bag inflates.
To  reduce  the  risk  of  serious
injury or death from an inflating
side air  bag, take  the following
Do not install any accessories
on the side or near the side air
Seat belts  must be worn  at all
times to  help  keep occupants
positioned properly.
Do  not  cause  impact  to  the
switch is in the ON position or
this  may  cause  the  side   air
bags to inflate.
Do  not   allow  passengers  to
lean their heads or bodies onto
doors,  put  their  arms  on  the
doors, stretch their arms out of
the  window,  or  place  objects
between the doors and seats.
If  the  seat   or  seat  cover  is
damaged, we recommend that
the system be  serviced by an
authorized HYUNDAI dealer.
Your vehicle is equipped with a side air
bag in each front seat.The purpose of
the air  bag is to  provide the vehicle’s
driver  and  the  front  passenger  with
additional protection  than that offered
by the seat belt alone.
Hold the steering wheel at the 9
o’clock and 3 o’clock positions,
to minimize the  risk of injuries
to your hands and arms.
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