2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Electric power steering (EPS)
The system assists you with steering
the vehicle.  If the  engine is  off or  if
the power steering  system becomes
inoperative,  the vehicle  may still  be
steered, but  it will require  increased
steering effort.
•  A click noise may be heard from the
EPS relay after the ignition switch is
placed  to   the  ON   or  LOCK/OFF
position (Without Smart key system).
If   the   Electric   Power   Steering
System does  not operate normal-
ly, the  warning light (      ) will illu-
minate on  the instrument  cluster.
The  steering  wheel may  become
difficult to control or operate.Take
A click noise may be heard from the
EPS relay after the Engine Start/Stop
button is in the ON or OFF position.
(With Smart key system)
increases  and  becomes   lighter  as     tem checked as soon as possible.      •  Motor noise may be heard when the
vehicle is at a stop or  at a low driv-
ing speed.
Also,  the   steering  effort   becomes     your   vehicle   to   an   authorized
heavier    as   the   vehicle’s    speed     HYUNDAI dealer and have the sys-
the  vehicle’s   speed  decreases  for
better control of the steering wheel.
Should you notice any change in  the
effort required to steer during normal
vehicle  operation,   we   recommend
i   Information
•  When   you   operate    the   steering
wheel in low temperature, abnormal
noise   may  occur.   If  temperature
rises, the noise will disappear. This
is a normal condition.
The  following  symptoms  may  occur
during normal vehicle operation:
that  the  system be  checked  by  an      •  The  steering   effort  may   be   high
authorized HYUNDAI dealer.
immediately  after placing  the  igni-
tion switch or the Engine Start/Stop
button in the ON position.
When  the  vehicle   is  stationary,  if
you  turn  the  steering  wheel  all  the
way to the left or right continuously,
the  steering  wheel  effort  increases.
This is not a system malfunction. As
time   passes,    the   steering   wheel
effort will return to its normal con-
This  happens   as  the   system  per-
forms  the  EPS  system  diagnostics.
When the diagnostics is completed,
the steering wheel will return to its
normal condition.
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