2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Multimedia System
Turn  on  the  car  ignition  before
using this device. Do not operate
the audio system for long periods
of time with the ignition turned off
as  such operations  may  lead to
battery discharge.
Operating the device while driving
could lead  to accidents due  to a
lack of  attention  to external  sur-
roundings. First  park the  vehicle
before operating the device.
Adjust  the volume  to levels  that
allow  the driver  to  hear  sounds
from   outside   of   the    vehicle.
Driving in  a state  where external
sounds cannot be heard may lead
to accidents.
Driving   while   distracted   can
result in  a loss  of  vehicle con-
trol  that  may  lead  to  an  acci-
dent,   severe  personal   injury,
and death. The  driver’s primary
responsibility is in the  safe and
legal operation of a vehicle, and
use  of  any  handheld   devices,
other equipment, or vehicle sys-
tems  which   take   the  driver’s
eyes, attention  and focus  away
from  the   safe  operation   of  a
vehicle or which are not permis-
sible  by  law  should   never  be
used  during   operation  of   the
Do  not   subject  the   device  to
severe  shock  or   impact.  Direct
pressure onto the front side of the
monitor may cause damage to the
LCD or touch screen.
•  When cleaning  the device,  make
sure to turn off the device and use
a dry and smooth cloth. Never use
tough materials, chemical  cloths,
or  solvents   (alcohol,  benzene,
thinners, etc.)  as  such  materials
may damage  the device panel  or
cause color/quality deterioration
Pay  attention to  the volume  set-
ting when turning the device on. A
sudden output of extreme volume
upon turning the device on could
(Adjust the  volume  to a  suitable
levels   before   turning   off   the
Do not  place beverages  close to
the audio  system. Spilling bever-
ages may lead to system malfunc-
If you want to change the position
of   device   installation,    please
inquire  with  your  place  of  pur-
chase  or   service  maintenance
center.  Technical    expertise   is
required to install or disassemble
the device.
In  case  of  product  malfunction,
please contact your place  of pur-
chase or After Service center.
Placing  the audio  system  within
an  electromagnetic  environment
may result in noise interference.
Product Specification
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