2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Multimedia System
Radio Mode
Preset SEEK
Press the [1] ~ [6] button.
(Type A-1,Type  A-2,Type A-3,
Type A-4 with RDS)
Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
Handsfree    is   a   feature    that
enables drivers  to practice  safe
Shortly pressing the  button : Plays
the frequency  saved  in the  corre-
sponding button.
With the Radio Mode Button
driving.    Connecting    the    car
audio system  with a Bluetooth®
allows the  user  to conveniently
make  calls,   receive  calls,  and
•  Pressing and  holding the  button  :
Pressing  and holding  the  desired
button from  [1] ~  [6] will save  the
currently  playing broadcast  to the
selected button and sound a BEEP.
manage the phone  book. Before
using  the   Bluetooth®  Wireless
Technology,  carefully   read  the
contents of this user’s manual.
Press the [TA/SCAN] button.
while driving  may lead  to negli-     Press the [SEEK TRACK] button.
Excessive   use   or   operations
•  Pressing and  holding the  button  :
The  broadcast frequency  increas-
es  and  previews  each  broadcast
for 5 seconds each. After scanning
all  frequencies, returns  and  plays
the current broadcast frequency.
gent  driving   practices  and  be
the cause of accidents.
Shortly    pressing    the   button    :
Changes the frequency.
Do not operate the device exces-
sively while driving.
Viewing   the   screen    for   pro-
longed  periods  of time  is  dan-
gerous  and  may   lead  to  acci-
Pressing and  holding  the button  :
Automatically searches for the next
When  driving,  view  the  screen
only for short periods of time.
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