2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Driving your vehicle
Before entering the vehicle
Before starting
Be sure  all  windows, outside  mir-     •  Make sure the hood, the trunk, and
ror(s), and outside  lights are clean        the doors  are securely closed  and
and unobstructed.                                   locked.
To reduce  the risk  of SERIOUS
INJURY or  DEATH, take the  fol-
lowing precautions:
ALWAYS wear  your  seat belt.
All passengers must  be prop-
erly belted whenever the vehi-
cle is moving. For  more infor-
mation, refer to "Seat Belts" in
chapter 2.
Remove frost, snow, or ice.
Visually check the  tires for uneven
wear and damage.
Check  under  the  vehicle  for  any
sign of leaks.
•  Adjust the position of  the seat and
steering wheel.
•  Adjust   the   inside    and   outside
rearview mirrors.
•  Verify all the lights work.
Be  sure  there   are  no  obstacles     •  Fasten your seatbelt. Check that all
behind you if you intend to back up.
passengers   have  fastened   their
Assume other drivers or pedes-
trians  may   be  careless   and
make mistakes.
Check the gauges and indicators in
the instrument panel and  the mes-
sages  on  the   instrument  display
when  the ignition  switch  is in  the
ON position.
Check that  any items you are  car-
rying  are  stored  properly  or  fas-
tened down securely.
Stay  focused  on  the  task  of
driving. Driver distraction can
cause accidents.
Leave plenty of space between
you and the  vehicle in front of
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