2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Safety system of your vehicle
To help  provide protection,  the air     You can take steps to reduce the risk
bags   must   inflate    rapidly.  The     of  being  injured  by  an  inflating  air
speed of air  bag inflation is a  con-     bag. The  greatest risk  is  sitting too
sequence of  extremely  short time      close to the air bag. An air bag needs
in  which   to   inflate  the   air   bag     space to  inflate. It  is  recommended
between   the  occupant   and   the     that  drivers   sit  as  far  as   possible
vehicle structures before the  occu-     between the  center  of  the  steering
pant impacts those structures. This     wheel and the chest while  still main-
speed of  inflation reduces the  risk     taining control of the vehicle.
Driver’s front air bag (1)
injuries  and  is  thus  a  necessary
part of air bag design.
However, the rapid air bag inflation
can also  cause injuries  which can
include  facial   abrasions,  bruises
and  broken   bones  because   the
inflation speed also  causes the air
bags to expand with a great deal of
When  the  SRSCM  detects  a  suffi-
ciently severe  impact to  the front  of
the   vehicle,   it   will   automatically
deploy the front air bags.
There   are   even   circumstances
under  which  contact  with  the  air
bag can cause fatal  injuries, espe-
cially if  the occupant  is positioned
excessively close to the air bag.
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