2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Rear seat warmers (if equipped)
Each  time you  push  the switch,  the
temperature  setting   of  the   seat  is
changed as follows :
Avoid  spilling  liquids  on  the
surface of  the front seats  and
seatbacks; this may cause the
air   vent   holes    to   become
blocked and not work properly.
OFF  →  HIGH (
)  →  LOW (
Do  not  place  materials  such
as  plastic   bags  or   newspa-
pers  under   the   seats.  They
may block the air intake caus-
ing the  air  vents to  not work
The seat warmer defaults to the  OFF
position whenever  the ignition switch
is placed in the ON position.
i   Information
With  the  seat  warmer switch  in  the
ON position, the heating system in the
seat   turns  off   or  on   automatically
depending on the seat temperature.
Do  not change  the  seat cov-
ers.  It  may  damage  the seat
warmer or air ventilation seat.
If the air vents do not operate,
restart  the vehicle.  If there  is
no  change,   we   recommend
that   you  have   your  vehicle
inspected   by  an   authorized
HYUNDAI dealer.
While  the  engine   is  running,  push
either of the switches to warm the rear
During mild  weather or  under condi-
tions where the  operation of the seat
warmer   is  not   needed,  keep   the
switches in the OFF position.
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