2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

MENU : Bluetooth   Wireless
Technology Audio (if equipped)
i   Information
Using the My Music
Driving   while   distracted   can
result in  a loss  of  vehicle con-
trol  that  may  lead  to  an  acci-
dent,   severe  personal   injury,
and death. The  driver’s primary
responsibility is in the  safe and
legal operation of a vehicle, and
use  of  any  handheld   devices,
other equipment, or vehicle sys-
tems  which   take   the  driver’s
eyes, attention  and focus  away
from  the   safe  operation   of  a
vehicle or which are not permis-
sible  by  law  should   never  be
used  during   operation  of   the
Even if memory is available, a max-
imum of 6,000 songs can be stored.
If  BT Audio  is  selected,  Bluetooth®
Wireless Technology  audio will start
Audio  may   not  automatically  start
playing in some mobile phones.
The same song can be copied up to
1,000 times.
Memory info can be checked in the
System menu of Setup.
Play / Pause : Press the  TUNE knob
to play and pause the current song.
The previous song / next  song / play
ported in some mobile phones.
pause  functions may  not  be  sup-
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