2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

What to do in an emergency
If you  have  a tire  gauge, check  the
Wheels" in chapter 8 for tire pressure
instructions.). If the pressure is lower
or  higher than  recommended, drive
slowly to  the nearest service  station
and  adjust  it  to  the  recommended
pressure. Always  reinstall  the  valve
cap  after checking  or  adjusting  tire
pressure. If  the cap is  not replaced,
air may leak from the tire. If  you lose
a valve cap, buy another and install it
as soon  as possible. After  changing
tires,  secure the  flat tire  and  return
the jack and tools to their proper stor-
age locations.
Your vehicle has metric threads
on the studs and lug nuts. Make
certain   during   tire   changing
that  the  same  nuts   that  were
removed  are reinstalled.  If  you
have  to  replace  your  lug  nuts
make   sure  they   have   metric
threads  to avoid  damaging the
studs  and ensure  the  wheel is
properly secured to the hub. We
recommend that you consult an
authorized HYUNDAI  dealer  for
Use the wheel  lug nut wrench to
tighten the  lug nuts  in the  order
shown.  Double-check  each   lug
nut   until  they   are   tight.  After
changing  tires,  we   recommend
that   an   authorized   HYUNDAI
dealer tighten the lug nuts to their
proper torque  as soon  as possi-
ble. The  wheel  lug nut  should
be  tightened  to   11~13  kgf.m
If any  of the equipment  such as the
jack, lug nuts,  studs, or other  equip-
ment  is damaged  or in  poor  condi-
tion,  do  not attempt  to  change  the
tire and call for assistance.
Check  the tire  pressure  as  soon
as possible after installing a spare
tire. Adjust it to the recommended
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