2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Shift-lock system
When  driving  on  a  slippery  road,     For your safety, the dual clutch trans-
push the shift lever forward into the     mission   has   a   shift-lock    system
(Up)   position.  This   causes  the      which prevents shifting the transmis-
transmission  to   shift  into   the  2
i   Information
Only the seven forward gears can be
selected.   To  reverse   or  park   the
vehicle, move the shift lever to the R
(Reverse)  or  P  (Park)   position  as
sion from  P (Park)  into R (Reverse)
gear which is better for smooth driv-    unless the brake pedal is depressed.
ing on a slippery road. Push the shift
lever  to  the  -  (Down)  side  to  shift
back to the 1st gear.
To  shift   the   transmission   from  P
(Park) into R (Reverse):
Downshifts are made automatically
when the vehicle slows down. When
the vehicle stops, 1   gear is automat-
ically selected.
Depress and hold the brake pedal.
When driving in manual shift mode,
slow down before shifting to a lower
gear. Otherwise, the lower gear may
not  be  engaged  if  the  engine  rpms
are outside of the allowable range.
2. Start the  engine or place the igni-
tion switch in the ON position.
3. Move the shift lever.
When  the  engine  rpm  approaches
the  red  zone  the  transmission  will
upshift automatically.
If  the  driver   presses  the  lever  to
Shift-lock release
(Up)  or  -   (Down)  position,  the
If  the  shift  lever  cannot  be  moved
from  the  P   (Park)  position  into  R
(Reverse)  position   with  the   brake
pedal depressed,  continue depress-
ing the brake, and then do the follow-
transmission   may   not   make   the
requested  gear  change  if  the  next
gear   is  outside   of   the   allowable
engine rpm range. The  driver must
execute upshifts in accordance with
road conditions, taking care to keep
the engine rpms below the red zone.
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