2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Interior lamp
Interior lights
Interior lamp AUTO cut
When  the interior  lamp  switch  is in
the DOOR position and all doors (and
trunk)  are   closed  and  locked,   the
room lamp  will come  on for  30 sec-
onds if any of the below is performed.
The interior  lamps will  automatically
go off approximately 20 minutes after
the  engine   is  turned   off  and   the
doors closed. If a door is opened, the
lamp will go  off 40 minutes  after the
engine is turned  off. If the doors  are
locked by the smart key and the vehi-
cle  enters  the  armed  stage  of  the
theft alarm system, the lamps will go
off five seconds later.
Do  not use  the interior  lights  for
extended periods when the engine
is turned off or the battery will dis-
When  the  door  unlock   button  is
pressed   on  the   remote   key  or
smart key.
When  the  button   of  the  outside
door handle is pressed.
If it does not work properly even
though   your   car   is   inclined
backward according  to passen-
ger's  posture, or  the  headlight
beam is irradiated to the high or
low  position,   we   recommend
that the system be inspected by
an authorized HYUNDAI dealer.
At this time, if you press the door lock
or unlock  button, the room  lamp will
turn off immediately.
Do  not   attempt  to  inspect  or
replace the wiring yourself.
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