2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Driving your vehicle
Maintenance when towing a
To prevent vehicle damage:
Your vehicle  will need  service  more
often when you  regularly pull a  trail-
er. Important  items to  pay particular
attention to  include engine oil,  auto-
matic  transmission  fluid,  axle lubri-
cant and cooling  system fluid. Brake
condition is another important item to
frequently check.  If you're  trailering,
it's a good idea to review these items
before you start your trip. Don't forget
to  also   maintain   your  trailer   and
hitch. Follow the maintenance sched-
ule that accompanied your trailer and
check   it    periodically.    Preferably,
Due to higher load during  trailer
usage, overheating  might occur
on hot days or during uphill driv-
ing.  If  the  coolant  gauge  indi-
cates   over-heating,  switch   off
the air  conditioner and stop  the
vehicle  in  a  safe  area   to  cool
down the engine.
When towing check the automat-
ic  transmission  fluid  more  fre-
quently. (Note: This is  not appli-
cable for vehicles equipped with
the dual clutch transmission.)
inspect the  vehicle and trailer  at the     •  If  your vehicle  is  not  equipped
start  of  each  day's driving.  Inspect
the hitch mounting  to make sure the
hitch is properly secured to  the vehi-
cle.   Inspect   the   trailer   electrical
wiring to make sure brake lights, turn
signal lights, running lights, and haz-
ard lights are working properly.
with   an   air   conditioner,   you
should  install  a  condenser  fan
to  improve engine  performance
when towing a trailer.
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