2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Safety system of your vehicle
Securing a Child Restraint
System with the “ISOFIX
Anchorage System”
To install a  ISOFIX-compatible Child
Restraint System in either of the rear
outboard seating positions:
Always  have  the  ISOFIX  sys-
tem  inspected by  your  dealer
after an  accident. An  accident
can damage the ISOFIX system
and  may  not  properly secure
the Child Restraint System.
Take  the  following precautions
when using the ISOFIX system:
Read and follow all installation
instructions    provided    with
your Child Restraint System.
Move  the  seat  belt   buckle  away
from the ISOFIX anchorages.
To prevent the child from reach-
ing  and  taking  hold  of  unre-
tracted  seat   belts,  buckle  all
unused  rear   seat  belts   and
retract  the  seat  belt  webbing
behind the  child. Children  can
be strangled  if a shoulder  belt
becomes wrapped around their
neck and the seat belt tightens.
NEVER attach  more than  one
Child  Restraint  System   to  a
single  anchorage. This  could
cause  the  anchor   or  attach-
ment to come loose or break.
Move any other  objects away from
the  anchors  that  could prevent  a
secure   connection  between   the
Child  Restraint   System  and   the
ISOFIX anchorages.
Place  the Child  Restraint  System
on the vehicle seat, then attach the
seat  to   the  ISOFIX   anchorages
according to the instructions provid-
ed  by the  Child  Restraint System
Follow the instructions  of the Child
Restraint  System's   manufacturer
for proper  installation and connec-
tion of the  ISOFIX attachments on
the  Child Restraint  System to  the
ISOFIX anchorages.
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