2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Fuel economy
Average Fuel Economy (2)
i   Information
The average fuel economy is calcu-
lated  by the  total  driving distance
and fuel consumption since the last
average fuel economy reset.
If the vehicle is not on level ground
or the battery power has been inter-
rupted, the distance to empty func-
tion may not operate correctly.
Fuel economy range:
0.0 ~ 99.9 L/100km, km/L or MPG
The  distance  to  empty  may  differ
from the actual driving distance as
it  is   an  estimate  of   the  available
driving distance.
To clear  the average fuel economy
manually, press  the RESET button
on the steering wheel for more than
The trip computer  may not register
additional fuel if less than 3 liters (1
gallon) of fuel are added to the vehi-
second  when  the  average  fuel
economy is displayed.
Instant Fuel Economy (3)
•  The  fuel  economy  and  distance   to
empty may vary significantly based       •  This  mode  displays  the  instanta-
Distance To Empty (1)
The distance  to empty  is the  esti-
mated distance the  vehicle can be
driven with the remaining fuel.
on driving conditions, driving habits,
and condition of the vehicle.
neous  fuel economy  while driving
when the  vehicle speed is  greater
than 10 km/h (6.2 mph).
Distance range:
~ 9999 km or 1 ~ 9999  mi.
If  the estimated  distance  is  below
km (1  mi.), the trip  computer will
display "----" as distance to empty.
Fuel economy range:
0~30 L/100km, km/L or 0~50 MPG
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