2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Auto Store
Press the [Auto store] button to auto-     Press    the   [TA/SCAN]    button    :
matically  save   receivable  frequen-     Previews  each broadcast  for 5  sec-
cies to Preset buttons.
onds each
While Auto Store is operating, press-     Once scan is complete,  the previous
ing the [Auto  store] button again  will     frequency will be restored.
cancel  Auto  Store  and  restore  the
previous frequency.
While  Scan  is   operating,  pressing
and  holding  the  [TA/SCAN]  button
will cancel the scan operation.
TA (Traffic Announcement)
Selecting/Saving Presets
Press the [1] ~ [6] buttons to play the
desired preset.
RDS Menu
Press the  [RDS Menu] button  to set
the   AF    (Alternative    Frequency),
Region and News features.
The  RDS   Menu  is  not   supported
within AM or AMA mode.
Press the  [Preset]  button to  display
the broadcast information for the fre-
quency saved to each button.
While  listening  to  a  frequency  you
want to save  as a preset,  press and
hold one  of the  [1] ~ [6]  preset but-
tons to save the current frequency to
the selected preset.
Press the  [TA/SCAN]  button to  turn
the TA (Traffic  Announcement) feature
Product Specification
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