2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

When  returning  the  rear  seat-
back from a folded to an upright
position, hold the seatback  and
return it slowly.  Ensure that the
seatback  is  completely  locked
into   its   upright    position   by
pushing on  the top of the  seat-
back. In  an accident or  sudden
stop,   the   unlocked   seatback
could allow  cargo to  move for-
ward with great  force and enter
the   passenger   compartment,
which  could  result   in  serious
injury or death.
Pull on  the seatback folding  lever     4. Fold the seatback toward the front
(1) located in the trunk.                           of the vehicle.
To use  the rear  seat, lift  and pull
the  seatback  rearward.   Pull  the
seatback  firmly until  it  clicks into
place. Make  sure the  seatback is
locked in place.
When you  return the  seatback to
its upright position, always be sure
it has locked into position by push-
ing on the top of the seatback.
Do not place objects  in the rear
seats,   since   they  cannot    be
properly  secured  and  may  hit
vehicle occupants in a collision
causing serious injury or death.
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