2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

What to do in an emergency
Your vehicle  is equipped  with emer-     First aid kit
To check  the tire  pressure, take  the
following steps:
gency   commodities    to   help   you
Supplies  for  use  in  giving  first  aid
such   as   scissors,   bandage    and
adhesive tape, etc. are provided.
respond to emergency situation.
Unscrew  the  inflation   valve  cap
that  is located  on  the  rim of  the
Fire extinguisher
Press and hold the gauge  against
the tire valve. Some air will leak as
you begin and more will leak if you
don't press the gauge in firmly.
If  there is  small  fire  and you  know     Triangle reflector
how to  use the fire  extinguisher, fol-
Place  the  triangle  reflector  on   the
road to warn oncoming vehicles dur-
low these steps carefully.
Pull out the safety pin at the top of
the  extinguisher   that  keeps  the
handle   from  being   accidentally
ing emergencies,  such as  when the     3. A  firm non-leaking  push will  acti-
vehicle is parked by the roadside due
to problems.
vate the gauge.
Read  the   tire  pressure   on   the
gauge to see whether the tire pres-
sure is low or high.
Aim the  nozzle towards  the base
of the fire.
Stand  approximately 2.5  m  (8 ft)
Tire pressure gauge
(if equipped)
5. Adjust   the  tire  pressure   to  the
specified pressure. Refer to "Tires
and Wheels" in chapter 8.
away  from  the  fire and  squeeze     Tires  normally lose  some air in  day-
the handle to  discharge the extin-     to-day use, and you may have to add
guisher. If you release the handle,     a  air periodically and usually it  is not
Reinstall the inflation valve cap.
the discharge will stop.
a sign of a leaking tire,  but of normal
wear.  Always   check  tire   pressure
when the  tires are cold  because tire
pressure increases with temperature.
Sweep the  nozzle back  and forth
at the base of the fire. After the fire
appears to be out, watch  carefully
since it may re-ignite.
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