2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Multimedia System
(10) Copy
With the USB Mode
Turns  the  Random(Shuffle)  feature     Copies the current file into My Music.     Playing/Pausing USB Files
Selecting   another    feature   during     Once a USB is connected,  the mode
Each time the button  is pressed, the     copying will  display a pop-up  asking     will  automatically   start   and  begin
whether you wish  to cancel copying.     playing a USB file.
Random(Shuffle) Folder  Random      To cancel, select “Yes”.
(Shuffle) All Off.
While playing, press the [II] button to

pause and press [   ] button  to play.
Random(Shuffle) Folder : Plays the
files  in  the  current  folder  in  ran-
dom(Shuffle) order.
Moves to the list screen.
Loading may  require additional  time
if  there  are  many  files and  folders
within the USB and result in faulty list
display   or  file   searching.   Normal
operations will  resume once loading
is complete.
The device  may not  support normal
operation when using a USB  memo-
ry  type besides  (Metal  Cover Type)
USB Memory.
Turn  the   TUNE   knob  left/right   to
search for files. Once the desired file
is displayed, press the knob to select
and play.
Random(Shuffle) All : Plays all files
in random(Shuffle) order.
Turns the Repeat feature on/off.
Each time the button  is pressed, the
feature changes  in  order of  Repeat
Repeat Folder Off.
Repeat : Repeats the current file.
Repeat  Folder  : Repeats  all  files
within the current folder.
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