2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Rear parking assist system
(if equipped)
Operation of the Rear Parking
Assist System
Operating condition
ALWAYS look around your vehi-
cle to  make sure there  are not
any objects or obstacles before
moving the vehicle in any direc-
tion to prevent a collision.
Always   pay   close   attention
when the vehicle is driven close
to objects,particularly pedestri-
ans, and especially children.
Be  aware  that  some   objects
may   not  be   visible   on  the
screen  or be  detected  by the
sensors,  due   to  the  objects
distance, size or material, all of
which  can  limit the  effective-
ness of the sensor.
•  This  system   will   activate   when
backing up  with the ignition  switch
in the  ON position. However, if  the
vehicle  speed exceeds  5  km/h  (3
mph),  the system  may  not  detect
•  If  the  vehicle  speed   exceeds  10
km/h  (6 mph),  the system  will  not
warn you  even though  objects are
•  When more  than  two  objects are
sensed at the same time, the  clos-
est one will be recognized first.
The   Rear  Parking   Assist   System
assists the driver during reverse move-
ment of  the vehicle by  chiming if any
object is  sensed within approximately
cm (50 in) behind the vehicle.
This system  is  a supplemental  sys-
tem  that  senses  objects within  the
range and location  of the sensors, it
cannot detect objects  in other areas
where sensors are not installed.
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