2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Convenient features of your vehicle
Types of warning sound and indicator
Non-operational conditions of
Parking Assist System
The Rear Parking Assist System
may not operate normally when:
The indicator may differ from the
illustration as objects or sensors
status. If the indicator blinks, we
recommend  that you  have  your
Types of warning sound
When an object is approximately
to 120 cm (24 to 47 in)  from
Moisture is frozen to the sensor.
the rear bumper, the warning
sound beeps intermittently.
vehicle  checked  by  an   author-     • The  sensor is  covered with dirt  or
debris such as  snow or ice,  or the
sensor cover is blocked.
ized HYUNDAI dealer.
When an object is approximately
If  the  audible  warning does  not
sound  or  if   the  buzzer  sounds
intermittently when shifting into R
(Reverse) position,  this may indi-
cate   a    malfunction   with   the
Parking  Assist   System.  If  this
occurs, we  recommend  that you
have your  vehicle checked by  an
to 60 cm (12 to 24 in)  from
the rear bumper, the warning
sound beeps more frequently.
There is a possibility of the Rear
Parking Assist System malfunction
When an object is within approx-
imately 30 cm (12 in) from the
rear bumper, the warning sound
beeps continuously.
Driving  on  uneven  road  surfaces
such  as   unpaved  roads,   gravel,
bumps, or gradient.
authorized  HYUNDAI   dealer  as     •  Objects generating excessive noise
soon as possible.
such as vehicle  horns, loud motor-
cycle  engines, or  truck  air brakes
can interfere with the sensor.
Heavy rain or water spray is present.
Wireless   transmitters   or   mobile
phones are present near the sensor.
The sensor is covered with snow.
Any non-factory equipment or acces-
sories have  been installed, or if  the
vehicle  bumper   height  or  sensor
installation has been modified.
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