2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Driving your vehicle
ABS cannot prevent a loss  of stabili-
ty.  Always   steer  moderately  when
braking hard. Severe or  sharp steer-
ing wheel  movement can  still cause
your  vehicle  to veer  into  oncoming
traffic or off the road.
On  loose or  uneven  road  surfaces,
operation of  the anti-lock brake  sys-
tem may  result in  a longer stopping
distance than  for  vehicles equipped
with a conventional brake system.
When you  drive on a  road having
poor traction, such as an icy road,
and  apply   your  brakes  continu-
ously, the ABS  will be active  con-
tinuously  and   the  ABS  warning
light   (
your car  over to a  safe place  and
turn the engine off.
Restart   the  engine.   If  the   ABS
warning light is off, then your ABS
system is normal.
Otherwise, you  may have  a prob-
lem  with   your  ABS  system.  We
recommend  that  you  contact  an
authorized   HYUNDAI   dealer   as
soon as possible.
If the ABS warning light  (
) is
on and stays  on, you may have
a  problem  with  the  ABS. Your
power brakes will  work normal-
ly. To reduce the risk  of serious
injury or  death, we recommend
that you contact  your HYUNDAI
dealer as soon as possible.
)  may   illuminate.   Pull
The ABS warning light (
) will stay
on  for   several   seconds  after   the
Engine Start/Stop button is in the ON
position. During  that  time,  the ABS
will go through self-diagnosis and the
light  will go  off  if everything  is nor-
mal. If  the  light  stays  on, you  may
have a  problem  with your  ABS. We
recommend   that   you   contact   an
authorized HYUNDAI dealer as soon
as possible.
i   Information
When  you   jump  start  your   vehicle
because of a drained battery, the ABS
warning light (
) may turn on at the
same  time.  This  happens  because  of
the  low  battery  voltage.  It  does  not
mean  your   ABS  is   malfunctioning.
Have  the   battery   recharged  before
driving the vehicle.
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