2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Driving your vehicle
If the  clutch becomes  overheat-
ed   by   excessive   use   of   the
clutch to hold on  a hill, you may
notice  a shudder  feeling  and  a
blinking  display  on  the  instru-
ment cluster. When  this occurs,
the  clutch is  disabled  until  the
clutch cools to  normal tempera-
tures. If this occurs, pull  over to
a   safe   location,   shift   into   P
(Park) and  apply  the foot  brake
for a few minutes.
If the LCD warning  is active, the
foot brake must be applied.
Ignoring  the warnings  can lead
to damage to the transmission.
If the display continues  to blink,
for  your safety,  we  recommend
that  you  contact an  authorized
HYUNDAI  dealer  and  have   the
system checked.
If the safe protection mode logic
is  enabled,   the   gear  position
indicator  on  the  cluster  blinks
with a chime sound. At this time,
a  warning message  will  appear
on the  LCD display  and driving
may not be smooth.
If  you  ignore  this warning,  the
driving  condition  may  become
worse.To return the normal driv-
ing  condition,  stop  the  vehicle
and  apply  the  foot brake  for  a
few minutes before driving off.
Gear shifts may be more  notice-
able  than  a  conventional  auto-
matic   transmission.  This   is  a
normal   characteristic    of   this
type  of   dual   clutch  transmis-
Type A
Type B
Type B
Type A
Under  certain  conditions,  such
as repeated stop-and-go launch-
es  on  steep  grades, the  trans-
mission clutches  may overheat.
When the clutches are overheat-
ed,  the  transmission  safe  pro-
tection mode logic is enabled.
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