2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Seat belt warning light
Seat belt warning
If you continue not to fasten the  seat
belt  and  you  drive  over 9  km/h  (5
mph), the warning light will illuminate
until you drive under 6 km/h (3 mph).
If you continue not to fasten the  seat
belt and  you drive over  20 km/h (12
mph) the seat belt warning chime will
sound  for   approximately  100  sec-
onds and the corresponding warning
light will blink.
No modifications or  additions
should  be made  by  the  user
which  will  either prevent  the
seat   belt  adjusting   devices
from   operating    to   remove
slack, or prevent the  seat belt
assembly from being adjusted
to remove slack.
For driver in instrument cluster
Damaged  seat  belts   and  seat
belt assemblies will not operate
properly. Always replace:
As a reminder to the driver, the driver's
seat belt warning  lights will illuminate
for approximately 6 seconds each time
you  place   the  ignition   switch  ON
regardless of belt fastening.
If the driver's seat belt is  not fastened
when the  ignition switch  is placed  in
the ON position or if it is disconnected
after the ignition switch is placed in the
ON  position, the  corresponding  seat
belt  warning light  will  illuminate until
the belt is fastened.
Frayed, contaminated, or dam-
aged webbing.
Damaged hardware.
The entire  seat belt  assembly
after  it  has  been  worn in  an
accident,  even  if   damage  to
webbing  or  assembly   is  not
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