2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Convenient features of your vehicle
Cluster Voice Guidance
To adjust the cluster voice guidance volume  (Level 0~3)
Park Assist System Vol.
(if equipped)
• To adjust the Park Assist System volume. (Level 1~3)
For more details, refer to "Parking Assist System"  in this chapter.
Blind Spot Detection Sound   • If this item  is checked, the blind spot detection sound will be activated.
(if equipped)
For more details, refer to "Blind Spot Detection  System" in chapter 5.
Welcome sound
(if equipped)
If this item is checked, the welcome  sound function will be activated.
None: The seat easy access function is deactivated.
When you turn off the engine, the driver’s seat will automatically move rearward short (Normal)
or long (Extended) for you to enter  or exit the vehicle more comfortably.
Seat Easy Access
If you change the Engine Start/Stop button from OFF  position to the ACC, ON, or START posi-
tion, the driver’s seat will return  to the original position.
For more information, refer to “Driver Position Memory System” in this chapter.
Steering  Position
(if equipped)
If this item is checked, the message “Align Steering Wheel” will be displayed on the LCD if the steer-
ing wheel has been turned to  the left or right over 90 degrees when the  engine is turned ON.
Gear Position Pop-up
(if equipped)
If this item is checked, the gear  position will be displayed when you move the shift lever.
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