2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Multimedia System
Downloading Phone books
Auto Download (Phone Book)
Outgoing Volume
As  the  Phone book  is  downloaded     This  feature  is used  to  automatically     Use the  [-], [+] buttons  to adjust the
from the mobile phone, downloading      download mobile  phone book  entries     outgoing volume level.
Phone book number is displayed.
once a Bluetooth®WirelessTechnology
phone is connected.
Up  to  1,000  phone  book  entries
can be copied into car phone book.    •  The   Auto  Download   feature  will
download    mobile    phone   book
entries  every   time  the  phone  is
connected.   The   download   time
may differ  depending on the  num-
ber  of  saved phone  book  entries
and the communication state.
When downloading a  phone book,
first check  to see that  your mobile
phone  supports  the   phone  book
download feature.
Up  to  1,000  phone  book  entries
can   be  saved   for   each   paired
Upon   downloading   phone   book
data, previously saved phone book
data   will   be  deleted.   However,
Phone book entries saved  to other
paired phones are not deleted.
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