2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Convenient features of your vehicle
Smart trunk (if equipped)
i   Information
To  prevent  damage  to  the  trunk  lift
cylinders and the attached hardware,
always close the trunk before driving.
NEVER allow anyone to  occu-
py the  trunk of  the vehicle  at
any  time. If  the  trunk  is par-
tially or totally latched and the
person  is  unable  to  get out,
serious injury  or death  could
occur  due to  lack  of  ventila-
tion, exhaust fumes and rapid
heat  build-up,  or  because of
exposure to cold weather con-
ditions.  The  trunk  is   also  a
highly  dangerous  location in
the event of a crash because it
is  not  a  protected  occupant
space but is a part of the vehi-
cle’s crush zone.
In  cold  and   wet  climates,  trunk
lock  and trunk  mechanisms  may
not work  properly due to  freezing
On a  vehicle equipped with  a smart
key, the  trunk can  be opened  using
the Smart Trunk system.
Your  vehicle  should  be   kept
locked  and   keys  should   be
kept  out of  the  reach of  chil-
dren.   Parents  should   teach
their  children  about  the  dan-
gers of playing in trunks.
Use   the    release   lever    for
emergencies only.
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