2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Multimedia System
Connecting an External Device
Fully insert the AUX cable to the AUX
jack upon use.
External audio players (Camcorders,
Car   VCR,   etc.)    can   be   played
through a dedicated cable.
AUX Mode Display Controls
Type B-1, Type B-2, Type B-3, Type B-4
If  an  external   device  connector  is
connected  with   the  AUX  terminal,
then  AUX   mode  will  automatically
operate. Once  the connector  is dis-
connected, the previous mode will be
AUX mode  can  be used  only when
an external audio player (Camcorder,
Car VCR, etc.) has been connected.
Type B-5, Type B-6
The  AUX volume  can be  controlled
separately from other audio modes.
Connecting  a connector  jack to  the
AUX  terminal   without   an  external
device  will   convert  the   system  to
AUX  mode,  but  only  output  noise.
When an external device is not being
used,  also   remove   the  connector
When  the external  device  power  is
connected to the power jack, playing
the   external    device   may   output
noise. In such cases, disconnect  the
power connection before use.
Press the  [MEDIA]  button 
An external device can be connected
to play music.
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