2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

You are much more likely to have
a serious accident if you drink or
take drugs  and drive. If  you are
drinking  or  taking  drugs,  don't
drive. Do  not  ride with  a  driver
who has been drinking or taking
drugs. Choose a designated driv-
er or call a taxi.
NEVER drink or  take drugs and
Drinking  or   taking  drugs  and
driving  is  dangerous  and  may
result in  an accident and  SERI-
Drunk   driving  is   the  number
one contributor  to the  highway
death  toll   each  year.   Even  a
small   amount  of   alcohol  will
affect   your   reflexes,   percep-
tions  and  judgment.  Just  one
drink can reduce  your ability to
respond to changing conditions
and emergencies and your reac-
tion time  gets worse  with each
additional drink.
To reduce  the risk  of SERIOUS
INJURY or  DEATH, take the  fol-
lowing precautions:
NEVER  allow children  or any
person who is  unfamiliar with
the vehicle  to  touch the  igni-
tion  switch  or  related  parts.
Unexpected and sudden vehi-
cle movement can occur.
•  NEVER   reach   through    the
steering wheel for the ignition
switch,  or  any other  control,
while the vehicle is in  motion.
The presence of your  hand or
arm in  this area  may cause a
loss of  vehicle control result-
ing in an accident.
Driving  while  under   the  influ-
ence of  drugs is  as dangerous
or more dangerous than driving
under the influence of alcohol.
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