2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Air bag non-inflation conditions
Front  air bags  are  not  designed  to     Front air bags may not  inflate in side
inflate   in  rear   collisions,  because     impact collisions, because occupants
occupants  are  moved backward  by     move in  the direction of the collision,
the force of  the impact. In this  case,     and thus in side impacts, front air bag
inflated  air bags  would  not  provide     deployment  would not  provide addi-
In certain low-speed collisions the air
bags  may not  deploy. The  air  bags
are  designed not  to deploy  in  such
cases because they may not provide
benefits beyond the protection of the
seat belts.
any additional benefit.
tional occupant protection.
However,  side  and  curtain  air  bags
may inflate depending on the  severity
of impact.
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