2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Driving your vehicle
Key ignition switch
Before   leaving   the   driver's
seat,  always   make  sure   the
shift  lever  is  in  1    gear  (for
manual  transmission  vehicle)
or P (Park, for automatic trans-
mission/dual  clutch transmis-
sion  vehicle)   position,  apply
the  parking   brake,  and  turn
ignition  switch  to  the   LOCK
Unexpected    vehicle    move-
ment may  occur if  these pre-
cautions are not followed.
Whenever the  front door  is opened,
the ignition switch will illuminate, pro-
vided the ignition switch  is not in the
ON  position.  The   light  will  go   off
immediately when the ignition switch
is turned  on or go off  after about 30
seconds when the  door is closed. (if
NEVER turn the ignition switch
to the  LOCK  or ACC  position
while the  vehicle is  in motion
except  in an  emergency. This
will result in the engine turning
off and loss of power assist for
the  steering   and  brake  sys-
tems. This may lead to  loss of
directional control and braking
function,  which   could  cause
an accident.
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